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Topic: BAS-I.C
Q: I'm keen to include the wages component to my spreadsheet but am unsure how this will affect the setup I already have. The info box says it will delete certain components and add others. I'm not sure which ones and whether they will affect me?

A: Before any change please back up all data (transactions and setup), this will allow you to restore if required. You can see the Preset Accounts detail at . If you change the preset account or set up (ie Include Wages) then any existing pre set Accounts will be removed and the new pre set accounts added. Any transactions that are set with an account that has been removed will become orphaned and unable to be reconciled in the BAS View. The transactions will still remain but in List View they will be shaded red. Accounts that you have individually added will remain valid. If you Include Wages existing preset accounts will be replaced with the Include Wage setup and if needed you can then re load the required preset accounts (ie click Generic etc..). In list view check that you have no orphaned accounts (shaded red) and you should be all good. Please back up before making any changes and ensure you backup regularly. All data is saved locally on your system (no where else). Hope that makes sense. Additional detail on accounts is available at . If you have a different computer or browser you can use your account link to access BAS-I.C and play around with account settings without impacting your current setup.

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Topic: Shift Scheduler
Q: Hi there, I just got a new computer and IT moved my files over, and not my shift scheduler is not working. Are you able to let me know how to set it correctly so I am able to click the buttons on it again?

A: I just checked and your file runs on my system, most likely your macros are not enabled ... how you enable macros depends on your system. The following info may help? Enable Macros using Excel 2010/2007 to open a .xlsm file - When you open the .xlsm Excel file with Excel 2010/2007 macro status and options will depend on your system and security settings. The .xlsm extension indicates the file is an Excel Macro-enabled Workbook. If macros are not enabled from the top ribbon click Developer, Macro Security to access the Trust Center. If the Developer tab is not displayed, click the Microsoft Office Button, Excel Options, Trust Center, and the Trust Center Settings Button. From the Trust Center click Trusted Locations, Add new location, browse to the directory in which the Excel software file is saved, select the sub folders option if required, click OK, and then click OK once more to exit the Trust Center. This enables macros for any files saved in a Trusted Location. Only files that you trust should be saved in Trusted Locations, if you save all your Bizpep Excel files to a trusted directory macros will be enabled and they will run correctly. For additional information see Microsoft's Create, remove, or change a trusted location for your files. Alternatively from the Macro Settings category in the Trust Center you can select 'Enable all macros' however this enables macros in files from any location and should only be used when all files you access are trusted. Enable Macros using Excel 93-2003 to open a .xls file - If when you open the Excel software you are not presented with an option to enable macros you may need to adjust your macro security levels. To adjust macro security levels from Excel go Tools, Macro, Security, Security Level. It is recommended that you select Security Level as Medium. When you open software with macros and Security Level is set as Medium you are presented with a message advising that the software contains macros with a prompt to Disable or Enable Macros. Once you have made your adjustment close Excel and reopen, then when prompted click Enable Macros.

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Topic: Business Valuation
Q: I was exploring your Business valuation excel model and it looks interesting but just wondering if it can serve my purpose,I am doing a valuation exercise for a gaming company and would like to know if this model can work fine for this kind of businesses,or do you have another model that can be more adaptable to such companies.

A: Our Business Valuation software is suitable for any business and suitable for a gaming company assessment.

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Topic: Unallocated
Q: Having downloaded the licensed software I notice that the date starts with July 18. Should it be 2019? Or will it adjust itself?

A: The Start date is set on the Income sheet (Cell B5) this is passed to all other sheets. See Start Date in the Income section of the Help file

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Topic: Unallocated
Q: How do I manage my subscription?

A: You can manage your subscription directly from your PayPal account. Log into PayPal and cancel the subscription prior to renewal and you will not be charged anymore.

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