form1 is an easy to build complete single file contact us web form for your web site. To build a form1 contact us form for your web site adjust the build variables below and click Generate Code. Your form1 form code will be built and displayed in the code textarea. Simply save this code as a file with a .php extension and upload it to your sever. See what it looks like here and give it a test run or learn more at ? help.

to Email Address for Message Delivery:

This is where you want your form data sent.

Message Subject:

This is the subject of your form data.

Human Intelligence Identification question.

Human Intelligence Identification answer.

Send Message as or


form1 is a single file web form and form to email processor delivering form submissions to your email address. All you need to do is upload your form1 code to your server and you have a fully functional form without the need for additional form processing scripts. Simply input your form values to build your form1 code and upload the form1 code to your server.

form1 is fully self contained and incorporates your delivery email address in php server side code. Your delivery email address is not displayed in browsers or browser source code and cannot be harvested. form1 includes email validation and both server and client side Human Intelligence Identification for protection from form hijacking and spam injection. The delivery message automatically includes form, cookie and server data.

form1 runs on your web server. To run form1 your server must support the php scripting language. Most commercial web servers support php. For information on php and how to check if it is available on your server see What is php?

form1 allows you to quickly build a single file form for your web site. No additional scripts or coding is required however if desired you can edit form1 code to add form fields and adjust styles. Alternatively for maximum flexibility you can add form1 code to your own html form page.

form1 code variables:

When your variables are set Generate Code, copy the textarea form1 Code, save it in a text editor as a php file (i.e. contactus.php), upload the saved file to your server and then open the file in your browser ie to give it a test.

Code must be built with a fully activated account to maintain functionality, please consider supporting application development and activate your Ů account

You can edit form1 code html to add form fields, for fields to be processed they must include a unique id value. You can also add the form1 code to your own form page code. Adding both the processing code and the script code to your own form page provides both server and client side protection and functionality to your form. The processing code is the php code upto the html doctype <!DOCTYPE html> and should be added to very top of your own form page. The script code is from the script comment <!-- script --> upto the style comment <!-- style --> and should be added in the head section of your own form page. The base form fields should include fields with the name and id set as Name, Email, Message, and hii. The hii field label should include the prompt hii question or to use the hiiQuestion set in the code add a prompt field <span id="hiiPrompt"> </span> and add onload to the body tag <body onload="init()">.

Additional form processing, spam blocking options and information...


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All application data is stored on your local device and is not accessible to third parties. Reset clears locally stored data. Only user verification and interaction data is remotely stored, it is confidential and used solely for service delivery.