HTTP Header and File Content Viewer

HTTP Headers are the request to a server for information and the resulting response. When you input an address into your browser it sends a request to the server hosting the domain and the server responds. You can see the response using our basic HTTP Header Viewer. The HTTP Header Viewer can be used to view the Header or Content of any valid http:// https:// url. When HEAD is selected the request is for the server to only send header information. A GET selection requests file content.

A HEAD request response headers may include

For a GET request of text based files including web pages (.html, .htm, .php), Cascading Style Sheets (.css), JavaScript (.js), and XML files (.xml) the response returns and displays the file content. The content displayed is the same as displayed when using View Source in a browser.

HTTP Header Viewer

Input a full url including the http:// or https://. This can be used to view the http headers and content of your own web pages or any public pages or files on the internet.

HEAD - responds with HTTP Headers only.
GET - responds with url Content.

Received Response

Additional detail on HTTP Headers is available at W3 Header Field Definitions.

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