What is Form Spam?

Form Spam is when your web forms are submitted by a user or a script to send spam to the receiver of the form. This is different to Form Hijacking where your form is used to send spam to lots of others. It is also different to standard email spam where the spam is sent directly to an email address. Form Span is submitted to and processed by your form processor which then sends it to the form delivery email address. Form span is less sinister than standard spam or form hijacking which are both single action mass distribution.

How is Form Spam Sent?

Form spam can simply be a real user sending you unsolicited information by completing your form. In most cases this information will be for something in which you have absolutely no interest or desire to even be associated with.

Increasingly however Form Spam is being automatically generated by scripts. If you receive large volumes of Form Spam emails then it is likely it is an automated script submitting your form.

How do I prevent Form Spam Processing?

Additional form processing, spam blocking options and information...