Input a startUrl, click to Generate Static SiteMap or Generate Dynamic SiteMap Code. Save the generated code and upload it to your sever.


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SiteMap XML Dynamic SiteMap crawls your web site to build a current sitemap and generates dynamic sitemap code to build a real time live dynamic site map that always reflects your current site.

Simply input your start url and click Generate Static SiteMap to use defualt varibles and build a xml sitemap to upload to your server.

You can also generate Dynamic SiteMap code which builds a real time dynamic site map to always reflect your current site. Dynamic SiteMap code includes a range of configurable variables to define the sitemap content.

From the ☰ top left you can access this ? help, ? sitemap xml application information for detailed information and advanced help, and Ů account status.

Account status is Intro, Free, Full or Expired. Expired accounts may be functionally limited. Please consider supporting application development and activate your Ů account

For general sitemap information refer to:

Google Sitemaps

Bing Sitemaps

Generate a sitemap and improve the exploration of your site by robots


Please consider supporting application development. Activate Full allows unlimited Dynamic Sitemap Code generation, removes application restrictions and advertising, and supports continued application development. For Dynamic Code to function indefinatly it must be generated with an active Full account.

Activate Full 19.95 USD for unlimted use.


Activate Free register your email for 14 day free activation.

All application data is stored on your local device and is not accessible to third parties. Reset clears locally stored data. Only user verification and interaction data is remotely stored, it is confidential and used solely for service delivery.