What is php?

Quite simply the most popular server-side web scripting technology on the Internet. Basically, it is a free software package that runs on your web server. It is specifically designed for creating robust and reliable dynamic web pages for e-commerce and other mission critical web applications.

How do I know if my server has php?

Most commercial web servers run php. You can use the phpinfo function to display your server's php configuration.

To do this simply:

  1. Click this input text block to select the code, copy the code to your text editor (i.e notepad) and Save it as a file called phpinfo.php
  2. Upload this file to your web server
  3. Open the web server file in your browser i.e http://www.mydomain.com/phpinfo.php

When you open the php info file it will display current php configuration and settings on your server.

To find out more about php try PHP.net.