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Share Value Price Trend provides unique insight to improve share trading and investment performance with share price fair value calculations for current and future years, share and index price trend analysis and high / low triggers to identify value buy / sell trade points. Share Value and Price Analysis provides further share value and price analysis detail.

It uses yahoo finance data for current and historical share prices and index levels. Estimated future share earnings (eps) and dividends (dps) from marketscreener are applied to identify future fair value share prices, current price discounts and dividend returns. This provides a basis for direct comparison of the future share price value.

Trend analysis is applied to historical share and index data to calculate trend range with high and low trend points, the trend days duration of trend analysis can be adjusted to review changing trends. Trade trigger points are identified using High / Low trend prices, estimated future value, annual trend slope and growth. Trade input for each code provides a record of target trades.

Data calculations include:

  • Indicative annual Trend % based on the historical close value over the Trend Days, positive Trend is green, negative Trend is red.
  • Trend High and Low values and % change from current. to Low% less than % Trigger are green indicating a buy level, to High% less than % Trigger are red indicating a sell level. On mouseover or click to Low and to High display the High or Low value.
  • Dividend per share % DPS for year 0 actual, and year 1 to year 3 estimates. When DPS % > % Dividend text is green.
  • Earnings per share EPS year 0 to year 3 are provided. On mouseover the payout ratio; the amount of earnings paid as dividends; and pe ratio are displayed.
  • Fair Value price FV year 0 to year 3 is calculated based on the required % Return, FV = EPS / % Return.
  • Fair Value Discount % FVDisc year 0 to year 3 is calculated, FVDisc = ( FV - Current Value ) / Current Value. The Fair Value Discount % indicates the level of current value. When current price is less than year fair value (FV) fair value discount % (FVDisc) is positive and green indicating buy. On mouseover or click FV1Disc and FV3Disc display FV and eps.
  • Growth is the equivalent annual EPS Year1 to Year3 % change, positive is green, negative is red.
  • Trigger High / Low ,+/-Value (FVY1), +/-Trend,+/-Growth

To start:

  • Try an example from the ☰ top left.
  • To add a share or index code yourself find the required code at yahoo finance, this can be a stock or index code.
  • Input the yahoo finance code in the code field, to add. For share code earnings data get the marketscreener code page url and input as the earnings url.
  • Add Code to add. Data will be updated, plotted and displayed.
  • For each code updates individual code data and allows you to review / edit / delete / share individual code data, to star.

Add codes to build a comparison table and sort by column to rank and compare. expands/compresses displayed columns, filters stared codes.

< will compress / expand input fields, provides a link for sharing and posting the current plotted code. The code field allows you to filter and add codes, when clicked the code field is cleared and all added codes are displayed. Adjust Trend Days to view trend changes over differing time periods. % Dividend input is the desired dps%, % Return input is the required return % and is used to calculate fair value. % Trigger input is the threshold for the to Low and to High highlighting and Trigger summary display.

For small screen devices / mobiles columns and input fields are initially compressed for minimum screen size.

From the ☰ top left you can ↧ save code portfolios and then ↥ load or share saved portfolio files. ↻ update all updates data for all codes, on open/refresh if the last update was over 8 hours ago update all will be prompted.

The ☰ top left also provides access to ✚ example** codes, this ? help, Ů account status and ⚠ reset.

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