icon is an easy to build single file web page contact us form for your web site. At form1 Build input your form values to build your form1 code and upload the form1 code to your server. Give it a try it's free...

form1 is a single file web form and form to email processor delivering form submissions to your email address. All you need to do is upload your form1 code to your server and you have a fully functional form, without the need for additional form processing scripts.

form1 is fully self contained and incorporates your delivery email address in php server side code. Your delivery email address is not displayed in browsers or browser source code and cannot be harvested. form1 includes email validation and Human Intelligence Identification for protection from Form Hijacking and Spam Injection. The delivery message automatically includes form, cookie and sever data.

form1 runs on your web server. To run form1 your server must support the php scripting language. Most commercial web servers support php. For information on php and how to check if it is available on your server see What is php?

form1 allows you to quickly build a single file form for your web site. No additional scripts or coding is required.

form1 Build

To build a form1 contact us form for your web site adjust the build variables below and click Build form1. Your form1 form code will be built and displayed in the form1 Code textarea. Simply save this code as a file with a .php extension and upload it to your sever.

to Email Address for Message Delivery:

This is where you want your form data sent.

Message Subject:

This is the subject of your form data.

Human Intelligence Identification question.

Human Intelligence Identification answer.

Send Message as or

form1 Code

form1 Help

form1 Code Build

Input your form1 build variables in the fields of form1 Build and click build.

to Email Address for Message Delivery

This is where you want your form data sent.

Message Subject

This is the subject of your form data.

Human Intelligence Identification question

This is the Human Intelligence Identification question a form user must answer before they can submit your form. You can chage the question and answer but it should be very clear and simple.

Human Intelligence Identification answer

This is the Human Intelligence Identification answer a form user must input before they can submit your form. You can chage the question and answer but it should be very clear and simple.

Send Message as

Select either plain text or html format for the delivered email.


When your Build variables are set click the Build button to build your form1 code.

form1 Code

The textarea contains your built contact us form1 Code. Copy the textarea form1 Code, save it in a text editor as a php file (i.e. contactus.php), upload the saved file to your server and then open the file in your browser ie to give it a test.

Example form1

This is an example of the displayed form. Build your own web form at form1 Build.


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Account Variables


Account Link:

Human Intelligence Identification

The Human Intelligence Identification Script looks for the Human Intelligence Identification Answer provided in a form submission. If the Answer is not correct the form will not be processed. This effectively prevents forms submitted by automated robot (bot) scripts from being processed. It blocks automated form span and can also decrease the risk of form hijacking.

The concept underlying the Human Intelligence Identification Script is similar to the that used in Captcha. Captcha is the application of distorted text images that are difficult for bots to decipher. It is extensively used as a human verification test in web form submissions to block automated form submissions by bots. Human Intelligence Identification possesses the advantages of Captcha but is much simpler to implement, cannot be bypassed using OCR (optical character recognition) and is more user friendly, with less accessibility issues. Human Intelligence Identification is an easy to implement, easy to use, and effective alternative to Captcha.

Human Intelligence Identification is included in form1 web form code. If a form is submitted without the correct Human Intelligence Identification Answer a Hii required message is displayed.

The Question and Answer used can be pretty much anything you like but it should be simple and clear. A human should never get it wrong. For example:

One of the strengths of Human Intelligence Identification is that the Question can be freely set by the form developer. This makes it very difficult for bot developers to identify a question pattern and related answer that can be programmed into the bot.

The question can be generic, related directly to your site or type of visitor, a common joke, a fill in the blank, some text on your page, java script prompt text, a select dropdown list, radio buttons or even a password (if you want to limit form submissions even for some real users).

You can see the script in action and give it a test at form1 Example.

What is php?

Quite simply the most popular server-side web scripting technology on the Internet. Basically, it is a free software package that runs on your web server. It is specifically designed for creating robust and reliable dynamic web pages for e-commerce and other mission critical web applications.

How do I know if my server has php?

Most commercial web servers run php. You can use the phpinfo function to display your server's php configuration.

To do this simply:

  1. Click this input text block to select the code, copy the code to your text editor (i.e notepad) and Save it as a file called phpinfo.php
  2. Upload this file to your web server
  3. Open the web server file in your browser i.e

When you open the php info file it will display current php configuration and settings on your server.

To find out more about php try