Software License Upgrade

This page allows you to purchase an upgrade for your existing software license. To use this page you must have existing software license registration details which you wish to upgrade with additional Users/Domains or to a Commercial License (Excel titles only).

Existing Software and Registration Details

Input existing Software and Registration Details exactly as provided when you purchased your software.

Software Title:

License Type: applicable for Excel titles only.

Number of Licenses

Registered Name:

Registered Email Address:

Registration Code:

Upgrade Details

Upgrade Required: Commercial Licenses are applicable for Excel titles only.

Additional Number of Licenses
This is the number of additional licenses you wish to purchase, it is not applicable when Upgrading to a Commercial License. Once your transaction is complete new registration details to cover the total (current plus additional) licenses purchased will be sent by email. This will replace current licensing.

Select the registered Software Title, and the Current Number of Registered Licenses. Input the Registered Name, Registered Email Address and Registration Code exactly as provided in your purchase email. Select the type of Upgrade Required and if this is Number of Registered Licenses select the Additional Number of Registered Licenses from the drop down list. Then click the Continue button. This will calculate the Upgrade payment required and provide transaction processing to complete your transaction. Orders for additional Registered Licenses attract a 30% discount.

Once the transaction is complete new registration details will be delivered by email, these replace current registration. To input new registration details in currently registered softSWOT software click the Enter Upgrade Registration Details at the bottom of the software Registration page, for Excel based titles click the Registration Button on the Terms and Conditions sheet.