Pad Files for Bizpep Group Software

Pad files are data files in XML format developed by the Association of Shareware Professionals. They include software details and allow these details to be automatically extracted and distributed.

Pad File URLSoftware Title Business Accounts Software Valuation and Breakeven Analysis Share Price Analysis Analysis

Bizpep Excel Business Support Software
Pad File URLSoftware Title Model Excel Compiler QuickBooks Excel Tool Business Excel Assistant Model Excel and Budget Builder Excel Compiler MYOB Excel and Supplier Profitability Excel Mix Model Excel Contribution Breakdown Excel Model Excel Scheduler Continuous Excel Calculator Excel

Pad File URLSoftware Title Builder Software Builder GoldMine Builder MYSQL Analysis Software Software Page Protection Software Builder Software XML Software Data Extractor Software
Other Software Titles
Pad File URLSoftware Title BAS and GST Small Business Accounting Global Small Business Accounting Price Analysis

Please Note: Is explicitly prohibited for any person, or entity, including affiliates to produce pad files for our software or in any way imply that they are the developers of our software. At all times it must be clear that software is developed by Bizpep or softSWOT and that affiliates are providing access to third party software.