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Q: Do you have a non excel based Pricing and Breakeven Analysis product?

A: Yes, our Business Analysis Software

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Q: From what I gather on your website, each template is sold separately. Is it possible to put together a package at a lower price than the sum of its parts?

A: There is a 30% discount for multi licence purchases and for purchases of over 10 software titles we can provide volume pricing. If you are interested in greater than 10 software titles please let me know what titles and I will be able to provide details. We also have some combined titles such as our browser based Business Analysis Software re ..

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Q: Several years ago I purchased your Pricing and Breakeven Analysis product. I'm very happy with it. I want to put it on a new Mac that I purchased. In trying to open the spreadsheet on the Mac, it says the spreadsheet is locked up and cannot be opened. There seem to be some passwords to prevent the formulas from being broken. That has not been a problem on the PC, but it is on the Mac. Can you please provide whatever info I need so my formulas are not locked down with some password, so I can use the product on my Mac?

A: The protection is in place to prevent formula being overwritten and is the same when run on Excel. All inputs are in non protected cells so the protection should not be an issue. The software is designed to run on Excel and with some Mac's it may not be fully compatible. If this is the case you could try our browser based Business Analysis software privacy valid html5 valid css3 mobile friendly site map