From the ☰ top left you can load saved notes, ? help and Ů account status.

To add a note click edit and type the note title in the top title input. This is used as the note header (h1) and as the saved file name on the server. The saved file extension will be the same as this note file ie htm | html | php , a title must be provided before you can save and can only include alpha-numeric . _ - or space characters.

Note contents are typed in the next input, data is automatically saved locally. You can clear and preview note data.

When http:// or https:// followed by a link url is is included in note contents it is automatically converted to a link ie becomes If the url extension is an image file gif | jpg | png | svg | ico it is automatically converted to an image element ie becomes icon

When you type your note underlying note body html can be displayed with show html. You can edit underlying note body html and then transfer html to note.

Save saves the current note to your server. It is saved in an automatically created directory with the same name as your note file (this file) with an appended 's', with the current note title as its file name, and with the same extension as your note file ie note.html saves the note title 'test' to \notes\test.html . Initially you must save before you can access a server note.

Selecting ppp prior to save will password protect the saved page using the use password set in the note application.

Selecting js prior to save will add a script file link <script src="note.js"></script> to the head section of your note file and add onload="init()" to the body tag. When js is selected a custom script file note.js with an onload function init() should be placed in the same directory as the saved note, this will add javascript to a live view note. You can also add a script file at the bottom of the note html <script src="script.js"></script>

Selecting css prior to save will add a css style sheet link <link rel="stylesheet" href="note.css"> to the head section of your note file. When css is selected a custom css style sheet file note.css should be placed in the same directory as the saved note, this will style live view note.

In edit mode saved server notes are displayed and can be loaded from the note menu. Once loaded you use can use note view to display the server note within the note application, live view to display a standalone sever note and delete the server note. The live view url can be used independently from the note application, will always reflect all saved note edits, can be freely accessed when saved without ppp and if saved with ppp the ppp password will be required to access. For a note to be live it must first be saved to your server.

To set up an easily editable site, create your note files and save a site index file with the php code to include the desired live view note <?php include './notes/mynote.html'; ?>

You can also copy an existing page to notes either directly or use text extractor to extract text only from a url or to access components of the underlying page code.

Account status is Intro, Free, Full or Expired. Expired accounts may be functionally limited. Please consider supporting application development and activate your Ů account


For code to continue functioning it must be generated with an Active Full account.

Please fully active your account and rebuild your note code with an Active Full account for unlimited note use.

All application data is stored on your local device and is not accessible to third parties. Reset clears locally stored data. Only user verification and interaction data is remotely stored, it is confidential and used solely for service delivery.