Client Feedback and Comments

We focus on maintaining the highest level of client satisfaction and delivering the required solutions. Based on feedback from our clients we are succeeding.

Client Comments cover feedback on software and services provided by Bizpep Group members and are arranged into a few specific software groups with a General Service and Software group covering everything else.

General Service and Software

You are amazing. I have never seen a software provider caring about the end users and inviting their comments.

Krish Sethumadhavan

You guys are fantastick ...excellent service each and every time, without fail.

Ron Scott guys were great!

Doug Ingle

I'm very impressed with your service and response. I wish all companies could be like this.

Michael Bolt

It is really a pleasure to have done business with you and your company. You are prompt, pleasant and always there when I needed you. Keep up the good work.

Imtiaz Abdulla

Keep up the good work!!

Bruce Frey and Maggie Cosgrove

Great as usual, Thanks.

Otto Stromfelt

Excellent for the three items.

Andres Duany

These are practical business tools and the service that you offer for modification and assistance to adapt to practical circumstances is outstanding.

Ian Fortuin

I really appreciate your time and responsiveness... I'll definitely be back to your site soon.

Ray Bennett

I like the simplicity and layout of your product.

Mark Holmes

This was my first software purchase over the internet. I am very please with the results.

Bonny Nichols

Whole transaction and result well done.

Brian O'Donohoe

Thank you sir for your prompt response and excellent service.

Jamshir Nasimi

Your help has been great!

Kathy Long

Thank you VERY MUCH for your help. I will be buying the program in the next few days.

Pete Brown

Thanks. Great service as always.

Tim Baugh

Thank you for your quick and helpful response.

Marjorie Lorimer

Thank you for the quick and effective response.

Dick Gibson

I've been very impressed with your customer service.

Phil Fleet

I recently purchased your software, which I think is great.

William Roach

Thanks. I love your stuff!

Kenny Pearmain

BAS Business Accounts Software

the software has really simplified my tax and therefore my life! Thanks so much!

Gail Tagarro

Now to begin my third year with your excellent system ... How lucky I am to have bought your software. Thank you

Zoe Harrison

I have loved your BAS Business Accounts Software and think it's ideal for sole traders (which was the reason I purchased it).

Nicole Cornish

I think it is a very useful spreadsheet and I'm using it and I haven't found anything better and have stopped looking.

Antoine Matarasso

You have saved me some number crunching time! Greatly appreciated and thanks for your fast support.

Dave Vinegrad

brilliant thanks so much for your speedy assistance.

Gail Rice

Thank you so much. All submitted thanks to your generous help. I won't be as stressed next time knowing how helpful you are, having said that the hard work is done.. Wishing you well.

Belinda Walsh

I purchased your BAS Excel software and I like it.

Peter Stinson

BAS-I.C Small Business Accounting

... thank you for a brilliant and easy to use tax system, you have literally saved me hours and hours of work with simple clicks and drag from my accounting software to BAS-I.C my bas is done.

Lisa Groundwater

Thanks very much for putting the BAS-I-C software 'out there' - so far it seems terrific and perfect for what I need.

Chris Hargreaves

Thanks your program it was great for me starting out in my small business, definitely recommend it for startups.

Jayne Bachelor

I'm just starting to use this system for BAS reporting and am enjoying the simplicity and ease of use....I give you guys 5 stars.

Jodie Maurer

I am really looking forwrad to the BAS-I.C program ... Fantastic Service

Kevin Fourie

Just started playing with your software and I like it!

Roger Loweth

Am really enjoying working with this programme, I am sure within the next week I will be putting an order in. I have found it so easy to use, wish I had known about it years ago, life would have been much easier.

Lyn Laycock

Business Valuation

Much appreciated, I had purchased your valuation software along time ago and found it so useful it was great to find an new version.

Karen Tobeck

I was greatly impressed...

Michelle Lamont

I have been very happy with software purchase and was going to purchase another app... Thanks again for the great software!

Frank Brown

Great Software...

Art Vedner

I have been an proud owner for years ... You are awesome ... thank you very much

Adam P. Von Romer

very enlightening ...

Marvin Vanhise

I have my own accounting firm and I must admit that I am very impressed ... IT IS OUTSTANDING.

Robert B. Wester, Jr

This is the best model I have seen in a few decades.

Darren Stevenson

I am very impressed with the model.

Jozua Fokker're good. Thanks for your help...and the rapid response was greatly appreciated. I think you have a great product; I've been doing 'if/then' scenarios on future options for my company, and it is quite fascinating using your program...You guys were great...exactly what I was looking for...I was very impressed with your customer service...great follow-up and execution. The software is easy to use, as was your web site. Thanks for your software; if I need any business software, I would be happy to look at you guys first. Keep up the good work.

Kevin O'Keefe

...very user friendly...

Abel Acuna

I am very impressed with the functionality of your Business Valuation Model, the lay out and the user friendliness. Your purchasing and registration procedure is also excellent.

Robert de Rooy

...the system works great.

Lyslei Chirico

I recently purchased a copy of this package and have found it to be extremely helpful as a quick valuation tool...This is a great piece of software...

Jim Wendler

The Business Valuation software that runs in Excel saved my company a lot of time in evaluating an acquisition candidate. The instructions are clear and straightforward, and the program worked flawlessly.

Tom Sweet

We are very pleased with your Business Valuation Model.

Steve Geringer

Now that I have purchased the program, I honestly believe the price is ridiculously low for the power, utility and results generated by the program.

Martin Caplan

...a resounding 1 for excellence. I am pleased with the performance of the software, the ease of use and the overall service. I am glad that I went ahead and ordered it. I plan to make heavy use of it during the rest of my MBA program and in my work life. No doubt I will be purchasing other programs from you. You have what I need.

Judy Bottita

...very easy to use.

Karl Hayes

The program is quite easy to use.

Jackquie Grant

...I am in the midst (or shall we say was in the midst) of selling my company for a much lower amount...your software is working wonderfully...i think i shall send you a bottle of your favorite...

Sean Hawley

Love this application! It certainly can improve one's comfort level, especially the small business owner, when talking to the financial people. Seems to me like you can get a quick budget snapshot as well as the business valuation. Thanks again!

Stan Shaw

I am impressed with your business valuation model.

Peter Davies

This spreadsheet has really made my life easy and I have recommended it to my colleagues.

Moses Mwanjirah perfectly.

Hendry Buter

I still love the software.

Jim Dickey

...great model for small biz and start up!

Russell Smith

I am very happy with the Excel valuation model supplied. I think it constitutes good value for money and has been of great help to me in my work. I will be reviewing the other programmes you provide with a view to using those too.

Graham Ireson

...this is an excellent model for me...

Steve Johnson

working well... I've used it to model existing business and to model an acquisition we are working on.

Brian Hansen

Pricing and Breakeven Analysis

Just purchased your great spreadsheet.

Terje Larsen

Excellent software program. I have already referred several folks to your site to download the demo. Hopefully, they will turn into sales for you. Good Luck!

Anthony Beebe

Well done. It proved very useful for me already.

Roland Mechler

I think you have an excellent product and I look forward to trying some more of your software. I am very pleased!

Rod Butler

Thank you for all the your help and information that you sent me for the break-even analysis. I received a perfect score on my project thanks to your help. Thank you again.

Lisa Orsi

You have excellent products that have saved me several hours of time. Ease of purchase is excellent. Keep up the good work and keep coming up with improved business models. You are absolutely on the right track.

Denis Cowley

I just purchased your software - it's wonderful.

Roger Varner

Great piece of software. It has been a real winner in presentations here already. I have more to explore with it, too.

Chad Haight

Received and working great... Excellent service.

Kevin Long

Thank you for this great software!

Cedric Franklin

I just down loaded the excel version...awesome....thanks so much

Edward M. Rouse

SiteMap XML Software

You're Awesome.


Thank you for making this script, it was very helpful!

Egbert Leutscher

I was looking for a sitemap generator that did it all for me. After taking another look around, I haven't found anything that digs up the PHP files as thoroughly as yours. The others spider right past my forums topics and blog posts unless they're static-linked from my html pages.

Glen Williams

I managed to generate a sitemap that google liked, so suffice to say, you have some pretty user-friendly software, cause I know not what I am doing!

Andy Crichton

Thanks for all your help. I appreciate your support on a $19.00 product... The difference between building a trusted user base is the kind of support you have provided. Much appreciated.

Arnold Villeneuve

I tried it and I must say I like it a lot.

Vid Kosir

Thanks for a great product.

Royce Tivel

Your support has been so excellent I've decided to buy the software in the near future. Thanks again.

Christopher Russell

Forecast and Budget Builder

Thanks for your quick response and great product.

Bill Stansky

My rating is #1. What I like most about the budget forecast model is the method of forecasting that relies mostly on management experience and judgment and awareness of the business environment in lieu of statistical techniques.

Paul McNamara

Thanks. You are making my life a lot easier with this tool as I plan for my new business and prove my projections to my private investor.

Emmett Kaericher

Every thing is working great.

Larry McKaig

...overall very good product. Thank you.

James Pagano

It allowed me to intuitively learn how to use it and do what I needed to do in much less time than it would have taken me to perform my analysis from scratch, and made a good looking report that I was able to use and present. It is great for rapid analysis...and would recommend it to others.

Michael Cline

I really like what you've done

Steven Karp

Form1 Builder Software

Wonderful software! Thanks!

Brad Messer

I am using your form builder software and it is wonderful.

Rodney Myers

...your product was a great success with our company.

Michael Carey

...we highly recommend Form1 Builder Goldmine!

Barbara Stafford

This is great! Problem solved! You guys have a fantastic product line and terrific support. I plan on using your tools for more of my clients.

John Dobbins

Does exactly what I wanted it to do. Nice work

Dave Clark

Great piece of software...After searching for and trying a couple of free scripts, which were hard to run and problematic, decide to seek out a relatively low cost script with support. Support not needed, script installed and operational in minutes. Extremely impressed.

Vic Carrara

I bought your Form 1 Builder software recently and I love it very much.

Guan Teh

I love your software.

Dale Driscoll

Sorted! Thank you so much for your prompt and clear help.

Kate Shanahan

Very impressive...worth many times more...I was super-impressed...

Douglas Hyde

After months of trying to get FormMail to work on a particular server I was at my wits end. With Form1 I was up and running in about an hour!

Cheryl Amhof

I have looked for a few days VERY HARD to find good form programs. Yours is the only one I found that creates them for me. ALL the others required changing templates...thanks for a great script!

Jeff Cross

This is the first time I had tried to use any kind of forms and PHP programming...I really appreciate the time you took and the fast responses to my questions. I will definitely be recommending your site and software to others.

Jennifer Taylor

I love your form builder...

Johnny Pep

Love the interface being browser based. Keep up the good work!

Mac Advisor

This was much easier to use than a perl script, and I received a quick and helpful response to all my questions.

Thomas Cleary

Your program works great and saves me development time over writing cgi scripts. We use many forms for feedback and promotions with our different suppliers but never have the time to develop electronic scripts. So we relied on paper and mail which proved to be very ineffective. Your program allows me the time to get our forms out quickly in our e-mails and selected web sites.

Carl Knapp

Worked like a charm.

Rob White

I am enjoying your software. THANKS SO MUCH for all of your help.

Chris Daniels

...just thank you...I don't understand cgi, cgi-bin, php or the likes and am pleased with the results and the ease of editing provided in your product.

Brian Bestford

...found it to be a very short learning curve. I found the software by searching for form builders. I tested close to 20 of them and found this one to be heads up higher than all the others.

Stan Hall

Wow, someone else is working on a Sunday evening. Even more, a software company that takes the time to respond. Thank you so much for the response. Now I know that I picked the right company for my form processing.

Dennis Iverson

Let me know if you come up with any other 'demon' solutions for the business user, it seems that you and your associates have a lot of followers including myself so I would be interested in knowing about any new or up-dated software from your stable.

Jeremy Lawrence

Wow, the xml attachment file works just as advertised!

Ethan Janson

I have recently purchased your Form1 Builder Software. It is excellent! Thank you so much for offering this software. It has made my life so much easier. Before I found your site, I had purchased another form builder, but it was so much work altering the code and I discovered I needed more PHP knowledge to get it to work! It was so frustrating. Another one I tried was simple but didn't look very good and didn't have validation. So I was so relieved to find your product so easy to use and it builds all the code for me. It is unbelievably simple to use, yet it still does alot. And the support is amazing!

Cassandra Kerr

I have purchased your program and love it.

Nancy Polley

Awesome software.

William Lindner

Thanks for the help ... We used to be getting over 300 spam emails every day, thats now gone down to ZERO.

Larsson Kabukoba

I find the form builder to be intuitive and easy to understand.

Kathy Manifold

Program is working great.

David Watso

I want to say that your Form1 software is GREAT and very easy to use.

Jerry Dodd

You're a genius!!! Thanks so much for your help on the form.

Vickie Marino

This is really a wonderful product!

Michele Gibson

Thank you for such a timely and helpful response. I am very happy with your service and Form1 is a very good product.

Andrew Sieveke

Your software is awesome, by the way. Form results come through every time - no more problems with results being tagged as spam. Thanks!

Kim Chapin

...thank you very much! This thing works wonders for me- took me a while to find it but I sure do like.

Tripp Harrington

After trying over a dozen MySQL form creaters I chose yours because it works great!

Peggy Hentz

What TERRIFIC software! You really went above and beyond. I appreciate it SO much... What a terrific thing for you to do!

Brad Messer

Budget Tool Business

I love this tool...

Renee Crawford

I am using the budget program and love it. Thanks so much. You must have worked very hard on this program, it is very good. I think that your programs are just great.

Jim Vaive

Excellent follow up service - great good value product.

Sue Williams

Budget Compiler QuickBooks

Worked like a charm.

Rob White>

You guys are great!

Dennis O'Block

Great product.

Jan Jacobson

I have trialled your Budget Compiler QuickBooks Excel 20 and am really impressed.

Chris Nagel

I think you have a great solution.

Ken Roach

Shift Scheduler Continuous

Thank you very much this program saves my life.

Simon Beisler the product...

Shaun Witherden

Software Development

...I'm extremely pleased. It shows very clearly what I've suspected.

Mervyn Groves

... the software performs very well.

Paul O'Dwyer

Your revisions to my code worked perfectly!

Kim Chapin

Thanks for your excellent results.

Bud Reed

Other Software and Services

...we highly recommend Form1 Builder Goldmine!

Barbara Stafford

Really like the spreadsheet (Wage Calcualtor)!

Gary Ellinger

I like the software (MailMailer) very much!

Phil Thomas

Everything worked great! Thank you very much. I will be sure to refer your script as I meet people who need it :). Overall I am very satisfied with my experience using your solution.

Kyle Rodeck

Thank you so much...The file works great.

Dane Young

I just bought your webimport scripts and they work great...Simple and worked perfectly, thanks...Did exactly what I needed it to do.

Pete Friebel

You were quick to respond and your product worked seamlessly.

Greg Gossler

I appreciate your assistance and your support. I will spread the word...I'm very much impressed.

Paul Forman

Thanks David. Your customer support is very impressive. I will refer more people to your company.

Syed Ali

I just purchased your GoldMine Web Import Scripts and I've got to tell you it's super easy to use and your directions are extremely easy to follow and understand. I don't see why anyone would want to mess around writing their own web import routine when yours is available at such a reasonable price. Thanks for your time and thanks for creating such a fine product!

Kenneth Brodeur

Thanks again for your concern and solution to our problem issue. We will gladly recommend your company to other Goldmine users.

Alan White

Thank you very much indeed for your help. I have recommended two of my clients purchase your Goldmine script so far, and will continue to do so.

Mat Greenfield